Attn: Important Tax Information

    Real Estate Taxes

    Your Palisades School District Real Estate Tax Notice, which is mailed July 1, will have the option for all taxpayers to pay in installments.

    Option 1  Payment in full prior to one of the dates below.  If your taxes are escrowed most, but not necessarily all, mortgage companies pay in the discount period.

    2% Discount Period – If paid on or before August 31st

    Face Period – If paid on or before October 31st

    10% Penalty Period – If paid on or before December 31st

    Option 2  Payment on the Installment method.  This is for all taxpayers that wish to pay by this method.  The amount for each installment will be the Face amount of your tax divided into 3 payments.  If the second or third installment is not paid by the due date, a 10% penalty on that installment will be applied.

     First installment must be paid on or before August 31st

    (If the first installment is not paid by this date, you are ineligible for the installment method and you must pay in full)


     Second Installment must be paid on or before October 31st

    If paid after October 31st a 10% penalty is added to this installment


     Third Installment must be paid on or before December 15th

    If paid after December 15th a 10% penalty is added to this installment

     If there is any remaining amount due on December 31st, liens will be filed against your property.



     Are there any tax relief options?

    You may qualify for the PA State Property/Rent Rebate Program (PA-1000).  For a booklet and forms mailed to you by the State, call 1-888-222-9190 or go online to www.revenue.state.pa.us


    What time period does my Real Estate tax payment cover? 

    The regular real estate school district tax notices that are mailed out on July 1 are for the period of July 1 – June 30.

    What do I need to send to my mortgage company?

    If your taxes are escrowed, mail the original payment copy and instructions to your mortgage company.  Do not fax.  The original payment copy must be included with payment.  The instructions are also on the back of the tax notice.

    Address change within or outside the School District?

    Contact your local tax collector (see below for names and phone numbers).



    It is important to remember that under Local Tax Collection law (72 P.S. 5511.7) “Failure to receive a tax notice does not relieve any taxpayer from liability for prompt payment of taxes imposed by the taxing district.”

    It is the taxpayer’s responsibility to ensure that your tax bills are paid.


    Important Phone Numbers

    Bucks County Board of Assessment 215-348-6219

    Delinquent Real Estate Tax Collection:

                Portnoff Law Associates 1-866-211-9466

    Click here for a listing of Current Real Estate Tax Collectors for School, County and Municipality

    Click here for a summary of the Delinquent Tax Collection Process with Portnoff Law Associates