• Title 1 Palisades School District Parent Involvement Policy

    The School District is committed to providing a quality education for every child in the district.  When schools and parents form strong partnerships, all children’s potential for academic success improves significantly.

    The School District will involve parents in the development of the LEA plan and in the process of school review and improvement.

    • Title 1 parents will participate in the development of the Title 1 Plan and will be part of the school review and school improvement procedures.
    • Title 1 parents will serve on the planning committees for the Title 1 Plan and the School Improvement Plan.
    • A minimum of two meeting will be held to provide Title 1 parents the opportunity for input into the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the Title 1 program.

    The School District will provide technical assistance and support to its Title 1 schools in planning and implementing effective parent involvement activities.

    • Assists the Title 1 schools in identifying clear and measurable goals for parent involvement.
    • Actively support staff and promote efforts that increase the level and quality of parent involvement.
    • Provide parents and staff information, materials and training on required and effective parent involvement policies and practices.
    • Provide to Title 1 schools best practices, ideas, materials, new approaches, research and other program information in order to help schools improve their parent involvement programs.
    • Research and model effective parent involvement activities and practices.
    • Provide resource materials for parent meetings, workshops and take-home learning activities.
    • Assist Title 1 schools with training and ideas on reaching hard-to-reach parents and parent involvement activities.
    • Collaborate with the PTS, Parent Advisory Council, community agencies and businesses to provide activities that build capacity for parents to assist learning and participate in school processes, such as parent workshops or family unity activities.

    The School District will build the schools’ and parents’ capacity for parent involvement by offering programs to strengthen the school/family partnership by providing materials and training for school staff and parents.

    • Educate school staff and parents in the value of contributions of parents and how to reach out to, communicate with and work with parents as equal partners to implement and coordinate parent programs and to build ties between parents and the school.
    • Provide staff development for teachers, families, administrators, staff, and others on how to increase the level and quality of family involvement.
    • Provide training to parents in understanding topics such as the importance of challenging academic standards and how they can help their children meet them; monitoring their children’s’ progress and literacy skills that help parents work with their children.
Last Modified on September 12, 2016