Volunteer Service Experience Overview

    This program provides an opportunity for students to acquire life skills, develop leadership skills, and explore career choices. Beginning in the 2014-15 school year, the Palisades School District will initiate a program to foster leadership experiences through partnerships with approved local organizations.

    As defined in our district’s Mission Statement, “Inspired to Lead, Prepared to Succeed,” it is the goal of this program for students to develop the following skills:  

    • Collaboration    
    • Communication  
    • Intellectual Curiosity and Creativity   
    • Independent Problem-Solving    
    • Cultural Understanding for Civic and Global Engagement    
    • Self-Awareness and Self-Evaluation    
    • Develop Respect for Self, Individuals and Diversity


    Throughout their academic career at Palisades, students will be required to participate in Volunteer Service Experience (VSE) and to show proof of their hours logged as follows:




     Number of Hours

    Elementary School


    1 service experience each

    Middle School


    6 hours

    High School


    12 hours



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    The Volunteer Service Experience Facilitators

    Grades 4-8

    Mr. Jeffrey Opp


    Ext. 1210



    Grades 9-12

    Mrs. Nina Piper


    Ext. 2345