• PA State Police Workspace

    Palisades High School

    35 Church Hill Drive

    Kintnersville, PA 18930

    Memorandum of Understanding

    I. Purpose and Scope

    The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is to clearly identify the roles and responsibilities of Palisades School District and the Pennsylvania State Police as the State Police complete paperwork in the Palisades High School, Kintnersville, Pennsylvania.  Both parties recognize the mutual benefits of providing a workspace including: increased police visibility in Palisades High School, Palisades Middle School and Durham-Nockamixon Elementary School (those under the primary jurisdiction of the State Police) and the Upper Bucks Area as well as providing a workspace for troopers that are out on patrol to complete paperwork which previously would require them to return to the Dublin Barracks.

    II. MOU Term

    The term of this MOU will begin when signatures have been secured by both parties and will be reviewed by both parties each July (beginning July 2013) to determine continuance, modification or termination.

    III. Palisades School District Responsibilities

    The Palisades School District shall undertake the following activities during the duration of the MOU term:

    1.       Continue to contact 911 or the Dublin Barracks directly in situations which require police presence

    2.       Provide a workspace for the PA State Troopers from Dublin Barracks at no cost to the PA State Police. The space provided is currently identified as Faculty Office #6 in the central corridor of Palisades High School.

    3.       Make the workspace available to PA State Troopers from Dublin Barracks on regular school days during regular school hours and during the summer when offices are open.

    4.       Provide a Palisades School District calendar to PA State Troopers so they are aware of when the building is available.

    5.       Provide a direct inward dialing phone number and land line phone OR provide a POTS (plain old telephone system) – FURTHER DISCUSSION NEEDED ON THIS

    6.       Provide segmented network which prevents State Police access to the Palisades production network as well as prevents Palisades School District access to the State Police production network

    7.       Provide appropriate office furniture for two officers to work in the office at a time. 

    8.       Provide a designated PA State Police parking space in the front of Palisades High School

    9.       Provide the maintenance support necessary to affix the PA State Police logo on the door of Faculty Office #6 to identify the office.

    10.   Provide the custodial support necessary to clean the workspace in a consistent manner with the other office spaces in the building.









    IV. PA State Police Responsibilities

    The PA State Police shall undertake the following activities during the duration of the MOU term:

    1.       Troopers will be directed to respond to incidents at Palisades High School, Palisades Middle School, and Durham Nockamixon Elementary School at the direction of dispatch not a district employee.

    2.       Troopers will not use the workspace to meet with members of the public who wish to file a complaint or hold, detain or process individuals that have been arrested.

    3.       Upon arrival at Palisades High School, the troopers on patrol will enter through the main office and obtain a key to the workspace.

    4.       While in the workspace, and as practical, the troopers will keep the office door open while it is occupied.

    5.       Troopers may carry all necessary and typical firearms on their person; however, no weapons will be stored in the workspace.


    V. Indemnification

    Except as otherwise expressly prohibited or limited by law, both parties shall indemnify and hold each other harmless from any and all liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses of any kind which may be incurred by either party through the course of this agreement.


    VI. Termination

    This agreement may be cancelled or terminated without cause by either party by giving (30) calendar days advance written notice to the other party. Such notification shall state the effective date of termination or cancellation.

    VIII. Effective Date and Signatures

    This MOU shall be effective upon the signature of a representative from Palisades School District and the PA State Police.

    Both parties indicate agreement with this MOU by their signatures (on file).


    Signatures and dates:


    ______________________________________                       ___________________________________________

    Palisades School District – Board President                         Palisades School District – Superintendent



    PA State Police – Dublin Barracks