1. Student completes paper college application or files on-line college application and mails directly to the college/university with admissions fee.  Do not submit application to PHS Guidance Office.
    2. Student must complete Permission - Transcript Release prior to requesting transcripts. This form needs to only be completed once each year. This document is available on your Naviance account. Naviance can be accessed through: http://connection.naviance.com/palisades . Choose "My documents" from the left side menu and then choose the link for Permission Transcript Request. Print, complete and turn it into Guidance Office so we may proceed with your request. Parental signature is required on this form if student is under age 18.
    3. Student must request transcripts through their Naviance account AFTER completing their online applications. NO TRANSCRIPTS WILL BE SENT UNLESS COMPLETED APPLICATIONS HAVE BEEN SENT TO DESIRED COLLEGES.
    4. If student has not had SAT/ACT scores sent to PHS, student must request that scores be sent directly to the college/university from Educational Testing Service (ETS).  If PHS CEEB code (392045) is correctly completed on SAT/ACT registration, we will have your scores.  Some colleges require that the scores be sent directly from ETS, please check your school’s requirements.
      If recommendations are required:
    From your counselor:  complete the “Senior Brag Sheet/Questionnaire” on your Naviance account.  Your counselor will use this information to write your letter of recommendation, so please answer the questions as completely and clearly as possible. The recommendation will be processed and sent to the college with your official transcript.  Please request all recommendations at  least ten days prior to deadline.
    From a teacher:  students give teacher the college recommendation form (if provided or a note requesting a recommendation.) In most cases, teachers will fill out their recommendations electronically through Naviance. However, if a school does not provide that option, give the form to the teacher along with a stamped envelope addressed to the college.  You or the teacher are responsible for sending letters of recommendation from anyone other than your counselor. Teacher recommendations are not maintained by the guidance office.
    1. Athletes:  Please note that NCAA Clearinghouse requires SAT/ACT scores be sent directly to them, they will not accept the transcript copy. 
      Please read and complete the attached Release of Academic Information to High School/College Athletic Departments if applicable.

    Students planning to participate in college athletic programs need to file an NCAA Clearinghouse form.  NCAA requests that this form be filed online.  Students must submit appropriate completed copies to guidance office after filing with NCAA Clearinghouse to initiate sending of current & final transcript.  If you transferred from another high school, student must also send that school a copy of NCAA final transcript request. (SAT/ACT scores required directly from ETS.)

    Your counselors advise filing your applications by Thanksgiving unless an earlier deadline has been established by the college.


    If you need additional assistance with this process, please make an appointment with your guidance counselor.


Last Modified on December 13, 2016