Assistant Superintendent's Objective Performance Standards

  • 2016-2017:
    Objective 1: Prepare the district for 1:1 implementation slated for Fall, 2017. This preparation will include professional development for teachers and administrators; parent information, education, and outreach; and development of a non-evaluative walkthrough tool for benchmarking district progress in successfully implementing technology in classroom instruction.
    Objective 2: Develop a plan for benchmarking student performance against that of similar districts in our region. This goal includes developing a cohort of districts that are comparable to Palisades; determining criteria that will be used to compare cohort districts; and developing a methodology that will be used to compare cohort districts.

    Objective 3: Survey employees regarding engagement and satisfaction and develop an action plan to increase these indicators.

    Objective 1: Coordinate a review and revision of the elementary standards-based report card that incorporates feedback from parents, students, and teachers and aligns with PA Core Standards. (Objective Met)
    Objective 2:  Facilitate the review and revision of the Palisades School District Comprehensive Plan. (Objective Met)
    Objective 3: Update the New Teacher Induction program to ensure it complies with current teacher needs, laws/regulations, and best practice. (Objective Met)
Last Modified on August 17, 2016