Committee Member E-mail Address
Carol Clemens, Chairperson (Secretary, School Board)
Shari VanderGast (Director, School Board)
Scott Freeman (Director, School Board)
Kate Kieres (Assistant Superintendent)
Eric Gretzinger-Alternate (Director, School Board)   
Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month in the Audion at PHS at 7PM.  The public is welcome to attend this and all other School Board regular and committee meetings.

For the 2016-2017 School Year
Agenda  Minutes  Supporting Documents
September 14
September 14
 October 11 Data Presentation
 November 9 November 9Dropout Prevention Presentation
 January 11 January 11
 February 8 February 8
 March 8 March 8
 April 12 
 May 10 May 10

For the 2015-16 School Year:
Agenda Minutes Supporting Documents
 September 9 September 9 Cultural Diversity Conflict Resolution
 October 14 October 14
Data Sharing Agreement (NWEA Norm Study)
 November 11November 11
 Jan 13 January 13
School Improvement Plans:
Palisades HS (full plan) (executive summary)
Palisades MS (full plan) (executive summary)
Springfield ES (full plan) (executive summary)
Durham Nockamixon ES (full plan) (executive summary)
 Feb 10 February 10 Retention Procedures
 March 9 March 9 1 to 1 Implementation
 April 13 April 13
 May 11 May 11
 June 8 June 8
For the 2014-15 School Year:
 Agenda   Minutes Supporting Documents
 June 10 
To view the elementary data analysis report click here
To view the elementary data analysis presentation click here 
 May 13    May 13
To view the wellness/fitness department report click here
To view the  LinkIt license agreement click here
To view the LinkIt presentation click here 
To view the draft resolution on Keystone Exams click here
To view the draft resolution on Standardized Testing click here
To view the Elementary Configuration Report click here 
 April 8 April 8
To view the full multi-age committee report, click here
To view the multi-age committee presentation slides, click here 
 March 11        March 11       To view the presentation about standardized testing in Palisades, click here 
 Feb 11    Feb 11
Click here for the .60 Science Teacher Supplemental Report
Click here for the Comprehensive Plan Update Presentation 
 Jan 14 Jan 14
Building Improvement Plans:
Durham Nockamixon (Full Plan) (Executive Summary) 
Palisades Middle School (Full Plan) (Executive Summary) 
Palisades High School (Full Plan) (Executive Summary)
   No meeting in December
 Nov 12 Nov 12
 Oct 8 Oct 8
Click here for the Language Arts 5-Year Review Presentatio
Click  here for the 2104 Data Presentation
 Sept 10 Sept 10
Click here for the Calkins Units of Study Presentation 
Click here for the Watershed Integration Program Presentation