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Academics and Business

National Honor Society:

The purpose of the National Honor Society is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of secondary schools. Selection for membership is by a Faculty Council and is based on outstanding scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Once selected, members have the responsibility to continue to demonstrate these qualities. 

Mrs. Susan Mette

 Meetings occur bi-monthly during the school day or as needed.

To be eligible for membership the candidate must be a member of the sophomore or junior class, must have been in attendance at the school the equivalent of one semester and must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher with no rounding(based on a 4.0 scale). In February/March current sophomores and juniors who have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher and no discipline record will be invited to attend a meeting with the current officers and adviser/co-advisers.  An explanation of the application process and deadline will be shared, including criteria to be selected. 

Scholars' Bowl:

Academic trivia club where students test their knowledge of mathematics, science, literature, music, various languages, and arts. The club typically participates in one regional competition each year against teams from eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Mrs. Karen Hornberger

  Mrs. Rose Lipton


from 2:40-4:00pm


 Typically starts after fall sports and ends in early March.

There is no registration process to become a member. Everyone is welcome! See Mrs. Hornberger or Mrs. Lipton, if interested.


(Future Business Leaders of America):


A club that promotes leadership development through community involvement and competitions.

Mr. Rob Reilly

Mrs. Breanna Timochenko


after school

Rm. 210 

 Contact Mr. Reilly or Mrs. Timochenko if you are interested in joining.



Yearbook is a great way to meet new friends and express oneself creatively, but each student's contribution to the yearbook can be seen come to fruition when the yearbook arrives in June! After being trained in how to use Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, students are partnered up and given the opportunity to design a yearbook spread that they can work on both in school or at home. In addition to designing pages, throughout the course of the year students also help-out with various other yearbook-related tasks including selling yearbooks, photography, fund raising, working on promotions, and eventually on yearbook distribution.

Mr. Rob Reilly 

 Meeting times are different each year depending on the needs of the yearbook. They are less frequent in the beginning of the year and more frequent the closer we get to the yearbook deadline. We meet during kids study halls if they have free time and if that is not an option, we meet after school on days that work for everyone.  I have also had kids submit to do an independent study with me to work on yearbook more than the regular club member. 



There is a place for everyone on the yearbook staff, whether one is interested in drawing, designing, writing, photography, or public relations. Although editors are usually seniors, students of all grade levels are encouraged to join and given a role in designing the yearbook and helping to make it successful! 




Arts and Technology


Cybersonics Technology Team

 Christian Willman 

Brent Jones




Drama and Music


Concert Band

Mr. Abel Maldonado 

 During Class and Monday evenings from 6-8pm

Students not registered can get band independent study.

Attendance at all rehearsals is required to be able to play with the bands at the concert.


 Jazz Band

 Mr. Abel Maldonado 

During Class and Wednesdays from 3:00 -4:30pm 

Students must be a member of the concert band to participate.

Attendance at all rehearsals is required to be able to play with the bands at the concert.


Marching Band

 Mr. Abel Maldonado 

 Tues 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Wed 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Thursdays 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Fridays – Football Games

Some Saturdays-Competitions and Parades

 Open to any student at PHS

Pit Ensemble (for Musicals):


An advanced musical ensemble that performs the music to support the performers of the Spring Musical

 Mr. Abel Maldonado 

January and February

Tues and Thurs 2:45-4:30


Must be a member of Concert or Jazz Band, or Orchestra

Sign up in the Band Room.

Students will be auditioned for entry into this group.



Orchestra (Strings)

Mrs. Karol Mannherz 

String students meet for class and before or after school

as Independent Study.

Either sign up for class or contact Mrs. Mannherz


Our concerts will be

DECEMBER 11, 2015

MARCH 24, 2015 &

MAY 11, 2015

Optional: more additional performances

After-School Choir

Mrs. Carolyn Williams

 Students unable to schedule the choir class meet after school to prepare the music for the concert.



from 3:00-4:15pm 

 Attendance at all rehearsals is required to be able to sing with the choir at the concert.




Concert Choir/Freshman Chorus

 Mrs. Carolyn Williams

Both groups meet as a class during the school day. 

 Students must take a choir/band/orchestra class to be eligible to audition. 

Madrigal Singers

 Mrs. Carolyn Williams

 Meets as a class during the school day.

By audition only. Students must take a choir/band/orchestra class to be eligible to audition.

Fall Play:


A senior oftern times serves as student director of this production. 

 Mrs. Carolyn Williams

 This year's production will be held on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14 and SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15

Auditions for the Fall Play are held in September and the play is in November.

Spring Musical

 Mrs. Carolyn Williams

 Rehearsals are after school and specific to scenes and music. 

Auditions for the Spring Musical are held in December for the March production.


This year's AUDITIONS are DECEMBER 17 and 18


The musical will be announced in the fall.



MARCH 13, 14, &15

World Language

French Club:

This club meets regularly to enjoy French culture, activities and the French language.  We celebrate French Week in November with a school wide trivia contest, croissant sales, a crepe day, and a French game day.  We also celebrate the holidays with a tri-club holiday fête and Mardi Gras in the Spring  with crêpes, mask making and lots of fun.

Madame Neiman

Meetings are 1 or 2 times a month on either Tuesday or Thursday. 

Please listen to announcements for the meeting dates & times.


All those interested in France and French culture are bienvenue! 

See Madame Neiman in room 102 to sign up and check Madame Neiman's webpage for the most updated information.

German Club (Palisades Deutsch AG):

This club is dedicated to the German language and culture. The enthusiastic and spirited members organize and participate in a variety of activities during the year to promote the study of the German language and to deepen cultural understanding. One of the largest clubs in the school with more than 75 members, the German Club encourages and fosters leadership opportunities for its members. 

Frau Harder 

& Frau Schopf

We meet every Tuesday until Oktoberfest and then usually once or twice a month thereafter.


Tuesdays or Thursdays

from 2:45 to 3:30pm

Rm. 103

Meetings will be advertised on the announcements.

 New members are always welcome to join this active and fun club! Dues are $5 per year.

Spanish Club:

The Spanish Club celebrates and explores various Hispanic holidays found around the world.  Major celebrations include El Día de los Muertos, Los Días Festivos, and Cinco de Mayo.  Decorating sugar skulls, playing bingo, getting low for the limbo, singing, and enjoying authentic food are just a few of the fun activities in which members participate.  ¡Vengan al Club de Español! 

Sra. Page Davis  

Meetings are 1 or 2 times a month on either Tuesday or Thursday.  Please listen to announcements for the meeting dates & times. 

All new members are welcomed.  See Sra. Davis in room 101 to sign up.  Dues are $5 for the year.

Reading and Writing

Journalism Club:

This club will contribute to the school’s newspaper by writing and editing articles to be featured in the Pirates’ Pearl

Mrs. Amber Schlosser



from 2:35 to 3:35 PM

Rm. B5

Please consider attending regular meetings to become a member of the journalism club.

Moreover, if you enjoy photojournalism, feel free to submit photos (with appropriate citations) from current events, that you would like to see published on the pages of the high school newspaper.

Reading Olympics

Mrs. Karen Hornberger

& Mrs. Amber Schlosser

Typically begins bi-weekly in January and switches to weekly in March. 

 There is no registration process to become a member. Everyone is welcome! See Mrs. Hornberger or Mrs. Schlosser, if interested!


Eco Club

Mr. Mark Chilton




 Student Government and Class Officers



Student Government:


The purpose of this organization is to represent the student body to the school administration and coordinate student sponsored school wide functions. It is an organization to serve as a forum for student ideas, a link between students and the community and a group to organize students’ activities. It is comprised of elected student representatives from each grade. 

Mrs. Morgan Flagg-Detwiler 


The last Friday of every month and more as necessary for specific school events

At least one student representative will be present at all board meetings

 Elections are held each year to elect a president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary for each academic class, as well as an executive board comprised of the same positions. An application form is filled out, a speech must be written and filmed, 30 signatures of students from the corresponding class must be attained as well as three teacher signatures endorsing the candidate, and discipline, attendance, and academic records are checked.

Senior Class

Ms. Erin Tolson


Meeting times vary and occur as needed, they are held before or after school.

Talk to the officers to find out meeting dates and times.

 Members of the senior class are always welcomed and encouraged to attend meetings and events. There is no formal process to follow for joining. Simply come to the meetings!

Junior Class:


The purpose of the junior class is to plan the spring junior/senior prom and raise funds to attend a senior class trip.

Mrs. Jennifer MacDonald

Mr. Anxo Otero

 Members of the junior class can simply show up to meetings, everyone is welcome.  We are looking for lots of help with prom!  

Sophomore Class



Mrs. Morgan Flagg-Detwiler 
Mr. Kevin Ronalds

Meeting times will vary throughout the year

After school

Members of the sophomore class are always welcome to join meetings and events. There is no formal process to follow for joining.

Freshman Class:



 Mrs. Cara LaFlamme
Mrs. Rose Lipton 


Contact the advisors at anytime if your are interested in getting involved. 

Volunteering / Raising Awareness

Key Club:

This club is a service organization that promotes volunteerism, mostly within the Palisades community, but has outreached to regional and worldwide communities as well. We are associated with the local Kiwanis group and are recognized as an international club. Students in this club volunteer their time, outside of the typical school day, to provide services, including fun activities for kids, collection events, and support for other humanity-type needs.  

PRIMARY contact:

Mr. Jeremy Wolf

 Click here for a link to the Key Club event wikipage

 Every other Thursday

both before school (7:15) and after school (2:45)

Rm. 202


The dates of meetings are announced at least a week in advance on the school's TV broadcast and posters are placed throughout the school. 


Actual events occur on Saturdays or Sundays and are sometimes off the Palisades campus. 

Show up to a meeting or see Mrs. Wright to express your interest! The annual cost for membership is $12.


Kiwanis and Palisades High School Key Club recognize that volunteerism is payment enough and therefore will cover a member's dues if the member participates in three activities over the course of the school year. 

Kids for Kindness: 

Est. in 1993, this group was recognized by the House of Representatives in October 2002 for its outstanding service in Pennsylvania.

Ms. Leslie Patience

Wednesdays @ 2:40pm 

 Art Studio Rm. 215

There is no registration process to become a member. Everyone is welcome!

SADD Club:

This club strives to provide students with the best prevention tools possible to deal with the issues of underage drinking, other drug use, risky and impaired driving, and other destructive decisions.

Mr. Cory Murphy

Meets every other Wednesday 

right after school


To join SADD club, see Mr. Murphy or come to a meeting; it’s that easy!

Stand Up to Silence/No Place for Hate:

This group works to combat prejudice and to stop those who violate the civil rights of others. We endeavor to promote harmony, equality and respect. Each year the group comes up with and has the Anti-Defamation League's (ADL) approval to complete 3 projects to promote these ideals.  We work to gain our "No Place For Hate school" designation from the ADL.

Ms. Erin Tolson



Bi-monthly and more as necessary for any Anti-Defamation League pre-approved project

 Please sign up with Mr. Scheibenhofer in the main office.


Other Interests


Bible Study:


Wednesday Morning Bible Study is a student discussion group that usually meets every Wednesday morning at 7 AM to study God’s message to mankind.



Day of the week subject to change; watch for posters in the hall announcing a different meeting day.

Whether you attend a synagogue, church, or mosque, or don’t go anywhere, Wednesday Morning Bible Study is open to all.  No sign-ups are required – just show up!

Ski Club


 Mr. Alex Bobsein

We will be skiing at Camelback on these dates:

Jan 8, Jan 15, Feb 5,

Feb 26, Mar 4

*weather permitting*

Please have your gear and be ready to leave from the high school lobby immediately after school.


 Forms and directions are available in the Main Office for pick-up or click HERE to access a printable packet.


Last Modified on October 24, 2016