• Understanding the Keystone Exams:

    Beginning in January of 2013, high school students began taking a series of end-of-course assessments called the Keystone Exams, which are mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The Keystone have replaced the PSSA which was previously required of all eleventh grade students.  The Keystone is an end-of-course assessment designed to measure student proficiency in three areas: Algebra I, Biology and English Literature.

    According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, “the Keystone exams are end-of-course assessments designed to evaluate proficiency in academic content. The exams are designed to measure the state’s Common Core Standards, which, a PDE document states, are aligned toward college and workplace success." (PDEwebsite)  Similar to the PSSA, the Keystone are scored using the terminology of advanced, proficient, basic and below basic, with score ranges from 1200 to 1800.    

    For more information about the Keystone Exams in Palisades, please view the following brief YouTube videos at the links provided. 

    Please Note: The Keystone Exam graduation requirement has been placed on hold while the legislature considers adjustments. For now, this means that all students will continue to be required to take the exams, but the requirement that they earn a proficient score on the exam or a project-based assessment is not currently in effect for the Class of 2016 and 2017.

    Video #1 - What are the Keystone Exams? 

    Video #2 - How do Palisades students perform on the Keystone Exams?    

    Video #3 - What is the Program of Study at Palisades High School to ensure that all students reach proficiency? 

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Last Modified on August 17, 2016