• Palisades School District is a community of learners.  Working collaboratively, we will provide a safe, enriching environment wherein all students can achieve academic excellence and demonstrate leadership.
    In addition, the following “bucket” areas have been carved out as “focus areas” for the next three years, they include:


    ·         Academic Excellence

    ·         Leadership Development

    ·         Community Engagement

    ·         Enriching Environment (Wellness and Anti-Bullying Initiatives)


    Part of this process was to determine our “beliefs” as part of process going forward – our team needed to agree that whatever actions are developed over the next three years, the following core competencies will hold true and will fall within our belief statements & action plans:

    *  collaboration
    *  communication skills

    *  intellectual curiosity & creativity

    *  independent problem solving

    *  cultural understanding for civic & global engagement

    *  self-awareness & self-evaluation

    *  develop respect for self, individuals & diversity 

Last Modified on July 16, 2015